a Birdsong for Birdsong

התכנית שודרה בתאריך 10/04/2019

Uncle Owen Aunt Beru - Earth Is The Right Place For Love

Isuzu Kochiwa - Kiefer

Senza Valore - Bigger Veins

AM:PM - Part 2

Dudu Geva - Tumba Zombie

Tiny Creatures - soviet jews have suffered enough

Digital_me - people call me rude

Major Keez and Her Highness - Both

Ofir - i'm walking towards a different place

המהפכה המיותרת - לימין האל

Her Highness - Achievement

AKA Gelbart - Thunder Box

Cherly KaCherly - Off to the Island of Bad Advice (and back)

Cherly KaCherly - Drop

kauders - she really came

אלי לס - שיער צהוב

Supertalented - Scanner

Carlos Labbé - Llueve