w. Danny H.A.: The Decade's Best Of Metal & Heavy Music – Part 5

התכנית שודרה בתאריך 12/12/2019

Insanity Alert - All Mosh/No Brain //season of mist

Satan - Death Knell For A King //metal blade

Body Count - Black Hoodie //century media

Body Count - No Lives Matter //century media

Mastodon - Ancient Kingdom //reprise

Mastodon - Word To The Wise //reprise

Brutus - Drive //sargent house

Voivod - Always Moving //century media

Voivod - Orb Confusion //century media

Sigh - Hands of ..//candlelight

Ghost - Rats //loma vista

King Witch - Carnal Sacrifice //listenable

Svalbard - Feminazi?! //holy roar

The Armed - Witness //no rest until ruin

Between The Buried and Me - Condemned To the Gallows //sumerian

Revocation - The Outer Ones //metal blade

Obliteration - Tumulus Of Ancient Bones //indie recordings

ASG - Survive Sunrise //relapse

Sleep - The Botanist //third man

Dawn Ray'd - The Abyssal Plane //halo of flies

Ex Eye - Form Constant, The Grid //relapse

Messa - Tulsi //aural music

Myrkur - Maneblot //relapse

Panopticon - En Hvit Ravns Dod //nordvis

Lingua Ignota - God Gave Me No Name //self released

Lingua Ignota - For I Am The Light //self released

White Ward - Deviant Shapes //debemur morti

Deafheaven - Honeycomb //anti

Pallbearer - I Saw The End //profound lore

Amen Ra - Children Of The Eye //neurot

Anna Von Hausswolff - The Mysterious Vanishing Of Electra //city slang

Aerial Ruin - In The Glory Of Nigh //self released