שעה על SANDINISTA של THE CLASH + סדרת רוברט ווייאט : פרק 10!

התכנית שודרה בתאריך 25/07/2012

The Clash – London Calling

The Wallflowers feat. Mick Jones – Reboot the Mission

The Clash – The Magnificent Seven

The Clash – Police On My Back // Columbia

The Clash – Hitsville UK // CBS

The Clash – Junco Partner //columbia

The Clash – Something About England

The Clash – Rebel Waltz

The Clash – Look Here //columbia

The Clash – Somebody Got Murdered // Columbia

The Clash – One More Time

The Clash – The Equaliser // Columbia

The Clash – The Call Up // Columbia

The Clash – Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice) //columbia

The Clash – Charlie Don’t Surf // Columbia

Matching Mole – Instant Pussy // CBS

Hatfield and the North with special guest Robert Wyatt -Live

Robert Wyatt & Lol Coxhill – Soprano Derivato

Robert Wyatt – I’m A Believer ( from Top Of The Pops)

Robert Wyatt – Alifib (live on French TV)

Gary Windo & Robert Wyatt – Now is The Time

Robert Wyatt – L’albero Degli Zoccoli

Robert Wyatt – Heathens Have No Souls

Robert Wyatt – Holy War

Robert Wyatt – Another Song

Robert Wyatt – Prove Sparse