White Line

It Was All Going So Well

התכנית שודרה בתאריך 30/12/2020

פיני כהן והנסיבות - חלק ממך

J.S. Ondara - Lockdown On Date Night Tuesday

Floodlights - It Was All Going so Well

Fontaines D.C. - A Hero's Death

TRAAMS - The Greyhound

אריאל כהן - את אהבת חיי

Greg Dulli - It Falls Apart

The Psychedelic Furs - Wrong Train

The Strokes - At the Door

Thurston Moore - Hashish

Jarvis Cocker - Must I Evolve?

Bob Mould - The Ocean

Tomorrow's Rain - Trees

Gunn-Truscinski Duo - For Eddie Hazel

Magik Markers - CDROM

Torres - Dressing America

Michael Stipe And Big Red Machine - No Time For Love Like Now

Califone - Romans, Echo Mine

Throwing Muses - Kay Catherine

The Microphones - Part Three

Sufjan Stevens - My Rajneesh

Stephen Malkmus - What Kind Of Person

Gillian Welch - Hello In There

Drive-By Truckers - Watching the Orange Clouds

Damien Jurado - Ochoa

Fleet Foxes - Featherweight

Bill Callahan - The Mackenzies

Benjamin Gibbard - Life in Quarantine

Anna Tivel - Minneapolis (Acoustic)

Cinder Well - From Behind the Curtain

My Morning Jacket - Feel You

Doves - Forest House

Neil Young - Looking For A Leader 2020

Jeffrey Lewis - Keep It Chill (in the East Vill.)

The Dream Syndicate - The Longing