2018inMusic: Quami & Danny H.A's Best Of Metal

התכנית שודרה בתאריך 27/12/2018

High On Fire - Electric Messiah //e1

Converge - Permanent Blue //epitaph

Black Tusk - Agali //season of mist

Insanity Alert - All Mosh/No Brain //season of mist

Candy - Good To Feel //triple b

Satan - Death Knell For A King //metal blade

Judas Priest - Firepower //epic

Skull Fist - Heart Of Rio //napalm

Riot V - Armor of Light //nuclear blast

ASG - Lightning Song //relapse

The Armed - Luxury Themes //no rest until ruin

Revocation - Blood Atonement //metal blade

Horrendous - Soothayer //season of mist

Howling Sycamore - Obstinate Pace //prosthetic

Voivod - Always Moving //century media

Svalbard - Femminazi?! //holy roar

Ministry - Twilight Zone //blast first

Ails - The Echoes Waned //the flenser

Bosse De Nage - Crux //the flenser

Coilguns - Self Employment Scheme //hummus records

Ghastly - Velvet Blue //20 buck spin

Ovtrenoir - Inherit The Dust //self released

Yob - Original Face //relapse

Messa - Tulsi //aural music

Windhand - Grey Garden //relapse

Zeal & Ardor - Ship On Fire //mvka

Respire - Bound //zegema beach

Deafheaven - Honeycomb //anti

Panopticon - En Hvit Ravns Død //nordvis

Thou - The Hammer //sacred bones

Brann Dailor - Red Death (from DC's Dark Nights: Metal Soundtrack) //wb

Sleep - The Botanist // third man

Khôrada - Ossify //prophecy productions